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Drs. Foster and Smith Inc.

Welcome to the Catahoula Bulldog gallery. Here we have a growing collection of photos. We hope you enjoy, and feel free to send us your photos to be added.

Brief Information:
The Catahoula Bulldog was bred for two reasons. First, ranchers and hog-hunters have used Catahoulas for many years to herd cattle and hunt hogs, but, to catch hogs, they had to carry a "catch-dog" with them. It seemed that most Catahoulas were neither big enough, nor tough enough, to catch. The American Bulldog has an impeccable reputation as a catch-dog. Therefore, when the American Bulldog is crossed with a Catahoula, you get a bigger, tougher dog which will work cattle and also catch hogs when needed. The second reason is that the Catahoula Bulldog is an excellent bear dog because it has the size and aggressiveness of the American Bulldog, and the intelligence and hunting ability of the Catahoula. The Catahoula Bulldog is a rugged canine, full of life and independence. He will sacrifice all for his ability to work the ranging lands where herds and wild animals roam. His instincts are razor sharp, and his intelligence makes him a top working dog, and one of the best personal protection dogs one could want.
The Catahoula Bulldog is recognized as a 50-50 first generation cross between the "Catahoula" and the American Bulldog, and up to a 75-25 cross in succeeding generations. It is desirable to keep the cross within the 75-25 limit in order not to lose the basic characteristics of these two fine breeds.
Courtesy of: ARF

Updated: 7/30/12



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